SANDELLA - Moulded Cold Cure Foam

QUALITY AND COMFORT MACHINING OF PROTOTYPES AND MOULD TOOLINGS FIRST CLASS COMFORT - LONG LIFE SPAN FOAM PRODUCTION THE SANDELLA GROUP IS ONE OF EUROPE`S LARGEST SUPPLIERS OF MOULDED COLD CURE FOAM WITH MODERN PRODUCTION FACILITIES IN THREE COUNTRIES. Through knowledge, expertise and the necessary capacity, we have ensured a high level of quality and cost-efficient solutions. With our partners, Sandella works continuously to develop new products in the production process. Typical areas of use of integral skin foam is armrest for office chairs, truck seatings, components for lifeboats and medical equipment. Integral skin foam can be supplied with different surface structures and colours. INTEGRAL SKIN FOAM INTEGRAL SKIN FOAM HAS HIGHER WEIGHTS AND DENSER SURFACES COMPLETE, READY CONCEPTS AND STANDARDIZED CUSHIONS. DEPARTMENT FOR PRODUCTION OF COMPONENTS IN STEEL AND ALUMINUM DESIGN MOULDING OF HIGH ELASTICITY FOAM – GREATER FREEDOM OF CHOICE With more than 50 years experience and close cooperation with designers and customer`s product development departments, Sandella is a specialist in moulding of cold cure foam components. POSSIBILITIES MOULDED COLD CURE FOAM HAS CONSIDERABLY BETTER CHARATERISTICS THAN OTHER ALTERNATIVES. Moulding and encapsulation of load-bearing constructions in the products provide the customers with a large potential for efficient, consistent production. Sandella produces: Standard foam, Fire retardant foam (crib 5), Visco-elastic foam, fire retardant visco-elastic foam, integral skin foam and special DIN 45545 foam. Moulded cold cure foam has unmatched qualities as regards comfort, durability and elasticity. STANDARD COMPONENTS As part of its product range, Sandella offers different standard chair models and cushions. Unique opportunity for our customers to easily implement and adapt to already developed models in their product range Expertise in technical solutions. Design and production of welding jigs and our own welding cell for robot welding. Possibilities for production of special products. MOULD PRODUCTION Through advanced computer tools for 3D-modeling we have control on all parameters in development projects. MECHANICAL