SANDELLA - Moulded Cold Cure Foam

Production / Market Market Sandella is flexible as regards our customer`s logistic systems. The delivery of the right quality and amount to the right time is given high priority. Sandella aims to keep its efficiency and flexibility high in addition to a logistics that is adapted to the customer`s wishes and requirements. INTEGRAL SKIN FOAM INTEGRAL SKIN FOAM HAS HIGHER WEIGHTSAND DENSER SURFACES AND ISAMONG OTHERS USED IN OFFICE CHAIRARMRESTS, TRUCK SEATINGS, LIFEBOAT COMPONENTS AND MEDICAL EQUIPMENT. Integral skin foam are produced at our factory in Lithuania, UAB Superlon Baltic. Integral skin foam is offered in different colours and surface structures. In the same way as for cold cure moulded foam the integral skin foam can be produced with integrated load-bearing inserts as plastic, steel, wood and aluminum. FLEXIBLE DISTRIBUTION ADAPTED TO OUR CUSTOMERS LOGISTICS / MARKET